Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tool # 11

 I liked using You Tube school, Tube and animoto.  I used to think that You Tube was just for entertainment, but I realized that it has many Spanish educational videos.  It is sometimes difficult to find Spanish material, so I am so excited to search through You Tube and find great videos for my kindergarten students.  I really like the alphabet video that I found that I posted on my blog.  I will definitely be using it this fall.

I am excited about using many of the new tools as center activities instead of making things.  These new tools will allow for more effective student differentiation and engagement. In the past, I have only had two computers in my classroom. We did not have a computer lab so my classroom and a few I pods in the  library was the only technology available for the students. So, I will be going through a huge transformation in my way of teaching.

 I am surprised at the amount technology materials at our disposal.  I look forward to incorporating the use of more technology. I am very excited about having the Dell notebooks and iPad. I would like to incorporate all of these into centers and have students use the technology to extend their learning. 


Tool # 10

1- It is very important to teach my students how to be safe, civil, and efficient when working online. also is very important to let their know how vital is to keep their personal information private. 

2- will use Barinpop Jr. It's shows age appropriate videos, to discuss digital citizenship 

3- would educate the students on the idea of digital citizenship by talking about what the purpose of technology plays in school today and help them make a connection with good citizenship in our class/school to being a good citizen in the cyber world. And, as my students know, the most important part of my job is to teach them how to stay safe.

4- I would send a letter to my students parents to discuss the use of internet as a learning tool in the class and explain the responsibilities the students have using the internet. I have realized that a lot of the parents have smartphones with Internet access . Also I will have as a part of my newsletter "digital information" where parents can have tips and links to some the digital citizen resources as well as other educational websites the parents can visit with their kids.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tool # 9

1- It is important to tie the objective to the technology to give purpose to the lesson and define it. It also allows students to know exactly what is expected. Like all other teaching tools, technology is best used when coupled with an interesting lesson plan and used for the benefit of students.

2- Students need to be held accountable for the technology centers, just as they are for every other center in the classroom; to ensure that students are engaged with meaningful activities. 

3- While navigating through the various web tools I found a few in particular that would be very helpful to my students. Tutpup It is a site where the children can navigate through each math problem that is given to them and answer the problems and try to beat a online player. This site has a clock where the students can race against time and also get awards for the games played. 
I also visited Studyladder which is a site filled with a variety of activities from Pk- Intermediate grades. The best part is most of the interactive activities are accompanied with printable sheets that students can complete to help with the accountability piece. It also has rewards for your students like avatars,certificates and other special rewards.

4- I used the ABC Letters Tracing Lite app this school year with the I touches form the library. This is a great app for kindergarten, specially for students that are struggling with handwriting. I could have my students record their "best" letter in their journal or write a list of word using that letter.
I found Italk recorder,This app allows you to record your voice for any purpose. This would be great to have students take their guided reading books and record themselves re-reading the story. The teacher could then go back and listen and give feedback providing good reading strategies to help improve their reading.
Math train, This app teaches kids to add and subtract visually. I can see a center with manipulatives to support their addition and subtraction answers. They could respond to an extension activity for accountability purpose.

5- I can have my students take pictures of different objects in the classroom to make a ABC chart in English and Spanish. Also, they could practice their Spanish and English skills by listening and recording poems, songs, or chants.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool # 8

After watching the tutorials I learned several new things about the iPod Touch, iPad, Dell 2120 netbook, I learned the various parts of the netbook ;I slot for sd card, video connection, and a web cam.  I will be able to upload photos more easily using the sd slot, connect easily to our projector and using the web cam my students may be able to communicate with others around the world. I will be using the devices during different workstation I plan on coming up with rules on how to use the devices with my students. They also need to learn how to use the devices. A lot of modeling and small group activities using the devices will probably be the best way for them to learn. Eventually, students will also get to participate in various research projects (science, social studies) where they will be expected to create accountability pieces. 

Tool # 7

I plan to implement this project during our non-fiction writing unit. 

Content objective- The students will research and create a book about their favorite insect

Plan for implementation- The students work together along with the teacher research facts about various insects by reading books, viewing Discovery Education videos, websites and observing insects in nature.

 Tools for Use-  storybird, TikaTok, discovery education and YouTube videos to gather information about Insects.

Description of project plan- Once the children have gathered information/facts about their insect they will then create a book using storybird or TikaTok. Once complete the students will be able to share their book with other students using different social networks.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tool # 6

I love using SKYPE since my family lives in Venezuela and we can have free live video conferences every time we need to communicate.  I think Skype will be a wonderful way to help my students connect with the outside world.  It would be great tool to use it during our community helpers unit and traditions around the world .We could interview different professionals and kids that live in different countries over Skype. 
Twitter is another great way to communicate with the world; I'm planning to use twitter this school year to communicate with parents what my students are learning in class. Also thought it would be fun for the kids to follow their favorite TV characters so they can read things like messages from them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool # 5

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

I chose Animoto for one of my Web 2.0 tools. I have used it before and is very useful in the classroom as an attention grabber for the students. I created this video to present it to the parents during open house, the parents love to see what their kids do in a regular day in kindergarten. Hope you like it 

Wordle: letra Aa

Wordle looks great and is a lot of fun -- there are so many possibilities for creative classroom use.
I LOVE Wordle. I’m planning to do a lots of brainstorming with my students about key words of our unit of study in science (magnets, rocks, plants, living and non living things, etc)
Also my students in kindergarten writes a lots of list that can be use to create a wordle.