Friday, June 22, 2012

Tool # 4

I have used Google doc before. I thought sharing documents on Google docs was really cool. As a team, we can incorporate our weekly newsletters, behavior calendar, units of study  and other documents we need throughout the year. In kindergarten we each have a subject to plan during the year. Prior to our weekly team meeting, we could post our lesson plans. This would give us a chance to read them and then bring our questions and ideas to our meeting.
I like the forms and spreadsheet templates as well. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tool # 3

I really enjoyed looking at the different sites. I had never seen Teacher Tubes or School Tubes before; they have lots of great videos for kindergarten level. I did find the blinkx was easy to use and I could find specific subjects easier through this site.
I have never used Picassa, but enjoyed looking through the great pictures available.  
I understand the copyright and fair use laws and feel that teachers have a wide range of access to information.

I have downloaded Dropbox and think it will be a quick and easy way for me and my students to access the things we need. 

Tool # 2

The PLN will be a great tool when I learn more about using it! I visited http// I will use this website as a resource for locating books to enhance units of study. Visiting other blogs is one way of finding new teaching techniques and resources to use in my classroom. I plan on visiting the following websites:,teacherblogs. I downloaded Diggo  and I will continue to acquaint myself with all the functions it provides.