Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool # 5

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

I chose Animoto for one of my Web 2.0 tools. I have used it before and is very useful in the classroom as an attention grabber for the students. I created this video to present it to the parents during open house, the parents love to see what their kids do in a regular day in kindergarten. Hope you like it 

Wordle: letra Aa

Wordle looks great and is a lot of fun -- there are so many possibilities for creative classroom use.
I LOVE Wordle. I’m planning to do a lots of brainstorming with my students about key words of our unit of study in science (magnets, rocks, plants, living and non living things, etc)
Also my students in kindergarten writes a lots of list that can be use to create a wordle. 


  1. WoW! Great way to show off your classroom and great kids learning!

  2. Love this! And it was easy! Take a look at some of the other tools for #5. There are so many ways to create and share!