Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool # 8

After watching the tutorials I learned several new things about the iPod Touch, iPad, Dell 2120 netbook, I learned the various parts of the netbook ;I slot for sd card, video connection, and a web cam.  I will be able to upload photos more easily using the sd slot, connect easily to our projector and using the web cam my students may be able to communicate with others around the world. I will be using the devices during different workstation I plan on coming up with rules on how to use the devices with my students. They also need to learn how to use the devices. A lot of modeling and small group activities using the devices will probably be the best way for them to learn. Eventually, students will also get to participate in various research projects (science, social studies) where they will be expected to create accountability pieces. 

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  1. It's great, your class will enjoy and learn a lot at the same time!